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Most Asked Questions

We assembled the most asked questions from our customers, but please feel free to connect with us. We’re here to help!


What about packing?

  • Atlanntis Van Lines offer a wide range of partial and full packing and crating services. Want to leave all the hassle to us? No problem! Even if you just have a few items that you would prefer to have done with that professional touch it’s never an issue. Ask one of our many experienced reps and they would be happy to walk you through all the options that are available.
  • Atlanntis Van Lines carries a wide range of packing materials as well, whether you need a few dozen or a few hundred boxes we will help tailor the most suitable package of materials for the best price.
  • All moves include complimentary blanket wrapping of furniture items to ensure the safety of the items and the home.

Can I leave the drawers of dressers and cabinets full?

All contents from dressers and cabinets should be emptied and packed. Not only to keep the contents safe, but the item itself.

Is there anything I am not allowed to move?

  • The government restricts the transportation of dangerous goods. Some prohibited items include: gasoline, propane tanks, oxygen tanks, fire extinguishers, ammunition, and certain cleaning supplies. There are exceptions that can be made in some cases, you MUST inform your rep and driver of every item you intend to include in your shipment that may pose any hazards.
  • Though we will ship live plants, we take no responsibility for the livelihood of the plants.

Am I able to go with the movers in the truck, what about my pets?

We are not able to take clients or live animals in our trucks for insurance reasons. It is recommended that you make the travel arrangements for yourself and your pets in advance of the move.

Who handles the disassembly and reassembly of my furniture?

Basic furniture items will be disassembled at no charge to ensure the safest possible shipping. Reassembly is not included, please speak with your moving specialist about any item you may need assistance with to get the cost of the service.

What about my TV and pictures?

Televisions, pictures, wall hangings and window dressing should be taken off the mounts/walls prior to the crew arrival and the items should be prepared for shipping.

And my appliances?

Most appliances need some special care to be prepared for shipping, it is best to have a licensed professional come in to prepare the item(s) for the move. Please remember this suggestion is for your protection and not required, mechanical equipment that has not been serviced by a professional will be at a higher risk of internal/mechanical damage. All appliances must be emptied and cleaned for shipping.


The planning and packing is over, now for the move itself.

How will I know when to expect the crew on my moving day?

  • The day prior to the scheduled moving date you will receive a call from the local dispatch, during this call you will be asked to confirm the information provided at time of the booking, we will ask questions to ensure you are prepared for the crew and you will be given the time window in which to expect the movers.
  • Atlanntis Van Lines carries a wide range of packing materials as well, whether you need a few dozen or a few hundred boxes we will help tailor the most suitable package of materials for the best price.
  • Should you have special timing requirements (such as elevators or travel arrangements) it is your responsibility to inform your rep 1 week prior to the pickup date, so we are able to accommodate your restrictions.

Do I have to be present during the pickup and the delivery?

It is recommended that the shipper is present throughout the pickup and delivery process. However it is not required. Should you not be able to be there we suggest making arrangements for a family member or trusted friend to be there on your behalf to provide instructions for the crew and to answer any questions the crew may have.

How do you keep track of individual clients and their belongings?

Atlanntis Van Lines has a strict inventory tracking system in place. At the time of the pickup the men will create an item by item inventory list of all the items that are picked up from your home, each of your items will have color coded, numbered tags affixed to the item itself, the numbers are in correspondence with the list created during the pickup. Our crew will give you a copy of this so you are able to do a proper inventory count at the delivery time.

How do I pay for the move?

Our services are payable at the time of the delivery, prior to the offloading taking place. We have many payment methods available to our clients. We accept cash, e-transfers, certified cheques, bank drafts, money orders. We also accept Visa and MasterCard.

Will the moving crews bring the items into the rooms I request?

The crew will place the furniture items in the rooms you request, boxes will be placed in a convenient area to allow you easy access while unpacking.

What if I have damages?

At the time of the delivery if you notice any damage you should let your rep know right away, your rep will instruct you on how to complete the claims process. All claims must be submitted within a certain time frame of the delivery.

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