Storage Solutions

Atlanntis Van Lines offers residential and commercial storage needs. We offer short term and long term storage needs at all of our facilities.

Storage Options

Storage Options

In the case where your new residence is not ready for occupancy yet and you are in need of household storage, we offer variety of options. We can safely store your goods until you have possession of your new home and offer re-delivery services at no extra cost.

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

At Atlanntis Van Lines all of our facilities are:


  • Clean and Pest free
  • Climate Controlled
  • Secure
  • Only for our relocating customers
  • Dedicated crating system
  • Equipped with adequate alarm and security cameras.
  • Household goods remain wrapped and protected

Goods Are Protected

Atlanntis Van Lines will keep your goods protected while in storage, blanket wrapped and placed inside a dedicated crate. The crates is then safely stored without our facilities until you require access to your goods or have requested delivery.


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