Moving Testimonials (pun intended)

Happy customers.

We love providing you with the best possible moving experience. Hear some friendly words from our past customers.

Melissa Dimaras

Brampton, ON – Edmonton, AB

My Move to Alberta
I would like to thank the entire office members, and movers who helped me to move out to Alberta for my job transfer. I did not even know where to start, and I was guided through the whole process by Toni from start to finish and she was wonderful. The movers were kind and within the time frame I was given, just what I would expect from a quality mover. Thank you Atlanntis Van Lines!

Sandra Kaerin

Kelowna, BC – Collingwood, ON

Moving from Kelowna, BC to Collingwood, ON.
I’m retired and had to move on short notice out to Ontario. Out of all the quotes I received, Atlanntis Van Lines followed up exactly next day. I started talking to the lady who was helpful and kind and answered all my questions. I hate researching so I called it done and booked my move. Man was I glad I booked it right then and there. Everything went according to plan as we spoke about, no issues and every time I called I was satisfied.

Brandi Stayner

Windsor, ON – Victoria, BC

Successful Move Completed!
A big thanks to Atlanntis Van Lines, you guys were great to deal with and very professional. The movers were quick, and fast, and very patient. Great job, and very happy customer.

Mary Jane Newall

Halifax, NS – Ottawa, ON

Atlanntis Van Lines, amazing job well done.
First of all I would like to thank you, for helping me and my family move to the States. I haven’t moved long distance before and as I am a panic stress freak, I found hiring a moving company would be helpful to help organize. I must say, I was less stress and everything was organized. The office staff was polite and helpful and responded each and every time I emailed or called, I didn’t even have to wait long if my rep wasn’t available I asked someone else and got an answer. To sum things up I am very pleased with the service I received and I am happy to know there’s help out there for situations like this.

Dennis Falito

Toronto, ON – Ottawa, ON

Excellent Service!
I am very proud to say that I moved with Atlanntis Van Lines, they did a great job. The movers were awesome and being a frequent mover I will be using this company all the time! Keep it up guys, and thank you. (Tara, Deonarie).

Nadine Malike

Sudbury, ON – Kingston, ON

Student Move!
Grew up in Northern Ontario, and I’m moving to Kingston to attend Queens University. I am very excited and anxious. I didn’t even know where to start as I would be living in Kingston for 5 years. I rented out a place and everything and thought how am I supposed to get everything there in my little car. I called a rental truck company and was then told it would be best to contact a moving company. Out of all the good stuff I’ve heard about Atlanntis Van Lines I decided to try it and I picked a good company. Everything was completed with no problem, there was a slight delay at delivery because of traffic but the office informed me right away, and I liked how I was kept up to date. Even though the movers were running a little late they did not rush my at delivery and I appreciated that. My first moving experience and it was fantastic.

Jonathan Gold

Quebec City, QC – Fort McMurray, AB

Atlanntis Van Lines did a very impressive move. Few damages nothing to be unexpected and prices are good and fair. Staff is very professional and helpful and everything happened the way they said it would. Thanks for making this so easy and you guys are going to be recommended by myself and family. A+ in my books Atlanntis.

Sandy Crowe

Trenton, ON – Drumheller, AB

Wanted to thank Atlanntis for a great experience. Being a retiree on a minimum income they accommodated me made sure I was well aware of how the process works and what to expect. They kindly added a senior discount which in this case, every little bit helps and the prices was almost bang on to what she had quote me. Excellent staff and friendly too. Hard working movers and very polite. Atlanntis made me feel like they moved one of their own and I thank you very much.

Blaine Levi

Chilliwack, BC – Airdrie, AB

Wow… the first word to come to mind about Atlanntis Van Lines. Absolutely amazing. I cannot thank their hard working employees enough and give them the recognition they deserve. You see these horrible experiences with moving companies and they all have bad reviews and it will always be a risk when choosing a moving company. I thought I try Atlanntis because they were very upfront and I felt that they were giving me honest information. I brought a concern up with one of the staff members and it was dealt with within 5 – 10 minutes and helped me through the rest of way. Although they were late by one day, Mother Nature is a cruel thing sometimes, they were still very pleasant and accommodating. They were one of the pricier ones but in this case you get what you paid for and would use you guys again. Good Job

Bonnie Laine

Toronto, ON – Vancouver, BC

From start to finish I was an accident waiting to happen. I am pretty sure the staff that dealt with me will need to get some therapy. I admit I wasn’t easy to deal with as a single mother making a big move for the first time and I appreciate everyone’s patience. This turned out to be the complete opposite of what I expected and truthfully, it was pretty smooth. I was informed daily about the whereabouts and when to expect my life to be back in place and with 2 children, a dog and doing a road trip across the country…. Not pretty and not at all relaxing. The goods arrived on the date they promised on time but one item and the most important item didn’t show up. I called in a panic and that day we had a very nice gentleman bring my sons expensive scooter in his truck and everything had finally come together. They jumped on it immediately and made arrangements to drive an hour out of their way just to drop my son’s scooter to us that same day. That is customer service and I cannot thank them enough for putting me son’s needs first. Of course when I was asked to post a review I did right away. I would most certainly recommend this company to anyone.

Tammy McLaine

Ottawa, ON – Moncton, NB

Thank you Atlanntis for helping me move. I painless would be the best description and I always got an answer when I called and followed up about my items. Super helpful and accommodating. The pickup was great and everything was handled with such care and the movers we taking extreme precaution. At the delivery The movers we great even how hot it was they work through the 4 hours they were there. We tried to help and wouldn’t let us just asked us to let them know where to put the furniture and boxes. They reassembled everything and set up the beds for us. Definitely made us feel like we were a valued customer. Well done

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